Ulusoy Cesme Port is located at the most western point of Turkey. It is a popular holiday resort and the district center.

Cesme is located 85 km west of Izmir. Izmir is the largest metropolitan center in Turkey's Aegean Region.

Cesme was known to be the port that served Erythrai, one of the 12 Ionian cities.

Cesme with its hinterland, has welcome various civilizations and nations such as Ionians, Lydians, Romans, Pergamons, Greeks, Arabs and Turks. It is located at the westest point of both Turkey and old Silk Road directly connected to Izmir through highway.

Cesme is also located across Chios Island. One of the biggest advantages of Cesme is practical transportation facilities.

Distance to some important centers from Cesme are given hereunder

The Virgin Mary's House 150 km (highway)

Ephesus 135 km (highway)

Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport 95 km (highway)

Izmir City Center 85 km (highway)

Phocaea 150 km (highway+roadway)

Pergamum 180 km (highway+roadway)

Cesme is especially famous with its 9 blue flagged beaches, Thermal resorts, Alacati Surf Center and the ancient town of Erythrai. Cesme town itself also has a different taste with its castle and museum.

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You can get to Çeşme,the most beautiful town of Aegean, in the three ways:


Flights take place via (İzmir) Adnan Menderes Airport. You can arrive in Çeşme in about 45 minutes and holiday villages after landing in Adnan Menderes Airport. Which is around 91 km further from Çeşme.


Ferryboat tours and daily environmental tours form Çeşme are among indispensable facilities taking place in the heaven-like town. We promise that you will be fond of daily tours from Çeşme to the surrounding place. Don’t miss especially those to Eşek Adası, Mavi koy and Sıcak su. Tours from Çeşme to Chios are run Island twice a week during the winter times While it is everyday during the summer season. You will be able to enter Çeşme from Greece by sea lines. It takes one hour from The Island to Çeşme. Fot exit from Turkey, especially in summer times, passenger transportation is carried out between Çeşme and Bari, Birindisi, Ancona Ports (Italy).


İzmir is used as the hub for transportation from /to Çeşme; one can go from İzmir to Çeşme by taking buses departing at Bus Station. During winter season, buses depart from the Intercity Bus Station every two hours and Üçkuyular Station every 30 minutes between 07.00-19:00. In summer times, buses run tours every 20 minutes between 06.00-21:30 to meet the intensive demants. It is also possible to go to Dalyan, Ovacık, Alaçaı, Reisdere, Ilıca, Altınkum beaches from Çeşme town by minibuses. In addition travel agencies in Çeşme arrange tours to Ankara and İstanbul twice a day throughout the summer times.